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Creativity . Emotional Intelligence Seminar 創意 . 情商演說會

Seminar on Creativity and Emotional Intelligence 創意、情商演説會

Spoon feed education is increasingly out of its depth, from knowledge-based economy to creativity economy of makers, artificial intelligence and virtual reality,  perhaps a new educational paradigm is needed: the ability to jump out of the established and self actualise. The former is creativity, the latter is emotional intelligence.

餵養式教育的年代也許已經不逮,從知識型經濟轉入到創意型的經濟模式;創客 (Makers)、人工智能 (AI)及虛擬現實 (VR) 的到來,也許,我們需要一種新的教育範式,能「跳出既定」及「 自我實現」 的能力。


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ACTs Creativity Workshop 玩出創意力工作坊


Albert Einstein said, “Logic will get you from A to B.   Imagination will take you everywhere.” Neuroscientific studies show that our brains are actually “neuroplastic,” which means they are continually shaped and molded by experiences even well into old age. Explosive ideas will emerge when neurons undergo constant stimulation, through which "infinitely" new synapses and links will be created.

愛因斯坦說,「邏輯將讓你從A點到B點。想象力將帶你到任何地方。」腦神經科學研究表明,我們的大腦實際上是有「可塑性」的, 這意味著他們是在不斷地塑造成型經驗,一直到老。當腦神經元經歷多元的刺激,他們就會「無限」地創建新的突觸和連結,從而產生爆炸性的想法。

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Playpreneur EQ Workshop 玩出情商力工作坊


Research strongly supports emotional learning brings tremendous benefits including significantly improvements on social and emotional skills, attitudes, behaviour, and academic performance.  Not only does it feature with fun and engaging activities, but it also includes professional play therapy reflections which provide unique perspectives and insights to help students develop self-awareness and

manage social challenges so they can focus on academics. 


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Parentpreneur Workshop 玩出親子力工作坊


Learning the principles and techniques of play therapy, parents and teachers can help children: feel accepted, understood, and trusted, become more responsible and capable of self-control, and explore experiences, express ideas, share feelings, and eventually solve problems. 


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4C Teampreneur Workshop 玩出4C團隊力工作坊

Team Building (Organisation/Family)                            團隊建立工作坊 (機構/家庭)

"Want to go fast, go alone; want to go far, go together." Transforms experiences into powerful sources of learning through our specially designed experiential learning activities and the use of professional reflecting skills.            

「要走得快,就獨自上路;要走得遠,就結伴同行。」透過特別設計的經驗學習活動, 運用專業的反思技巧,將活動中的經驗轉化成為具有深遠成長意義的學習。

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Play Therapy 遊戲治療


Virginia Axline said, “Releases a person from emotional limitations hindering him from performing at full potential in learning/working endeavours.” It is effective for over 84% of clients. We do not use medication and there are no negative side effects. 

遊戲治療的始創人 Virginia Axline 說過,「只要能好好的幫助人釋放他在情感上的限制,就能高效的把獲他在學習/工作上所付上的努力,事半功倍,潛能亦能得以充分發揮。」療效高達84%。不使用藥物治療,無副作用。

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